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Challenge your limitations with Dr.Contact Lens Co-Founder, Dr. Brianna Rhue

In this conversation I had the privilege to interact with Dr. Brianna Rhue, leader and Co-founder of Dr. Contact Lens. Finding your niche can be difficult but once you find it nothing can stop you. With technology become a major part of healthcare and eye care industry, it was interesting to know how an optometrist adopted technology to become an entrepreneur and bring the change to help the entire eye care community,

Some of the episode highlights are:
1. Interesting story about how she bumped into the optometry world.
2. Learn how a small idea to create a simple solution for contact lens ordering developed into an organization.
3. Learn how change is the only constant and how it is important to adapt to the new tech world.
4. Learn how TechifEYE brings in all the innovators under one group to help provide a wholesome experience.
& much more...
Along with all of the learnings check out our fun "Rapid Fire Segment" to get some interesting insights.

Guest Profile:
Dr. Brianne Rhue: https://www.linkedin.com/in/briannarhue/
Dr. Contact Lens : https://drcontactlens.com/

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