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Whether you are an optometrist by accident or by choice, this podcast channel is meant for you. Hi! I am Ukti Vora, an Indian optometrist who bumped into this wonderful profession by accident and fell in love with it. My struggle from India to the USA inspired me to start this podcast channel for all the optometry enthusiasts out there. This podcast series is a one stop shop for students, fresh graduates and experienced eye care professionals who want to explore new opportunities. It has a group of speakers who share their real life experiences and important takeaway messages that will help you better understand the opportunities in the eye care profession around the world. I am happy to invite you to my nerdy journey in the world of Optometry.

About the Host

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Ukti Vora


Hi, I am an Indian optometrist currently based in California, United states. I am passionate about eye care and technology. Apart from my podcast, as a full time role in the industry I am actively involved in defining strategies, planning, and executing various services to build a robust telehealth solution focused on the needs of eye care providers.

I have been a speaker at several national & international conferences, panel discussions and online webinars. I have been featured in corporate optometry nation podcast - USA, Women in Optometry podcast - USA, Visionstryt– Africa & Humans of Optometry - India. I am also one of the instructors on Gurumed - Africa and have developed a course on Telemedicine : Tips and Tools

I have earned her Master's degree from Lotus college of Optometry, India.
MBA from California State University - East Bay.
Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO)
Fellow of the Association of Schools and Colleges in Clinical

Apart from optometry, I enjoying traveling, dancing and binge watching good content
(I love murder mysteries )