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61. Stay in Style with Suzanne Sendel

It's always hard to take risks but a risk backed by passion and creativity can lead to beautiful invention and innovation.

In this episode, I had a pleasure to sit and chat with Ms. Suzanne Sendel, an entrepreneur, innovator and style icon. Suzanne decided to join the optical industry and reinvent herself at the age of 52. She is now an icon and well known for her niche and eye for luxury eyewear.

Some of the episode highlights include:

1. How her magic glasses made her join the optical industry
2. Learn more about how transitional skills helped her during her transition into the the optical industry
3. Learn how a dream and idea at night lead to the invention of FTG(FrameToGo)
4. While things are successful today, there were several challenges in the journey and learn how persistence and passion support her during difficult times.
& much more.

Along with all of the learnings check out our fun game segment "This or That " to get some interesting insights about our guest.

Guest LinkedIn profile:
Suzanne Sendel : https://ca.linkedin.com/in/suzanne-sendel-83151a2a

Product links:


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