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50. Instalive - Reflecting back on the Golden Jubilee with Mr. Nilesh Thite & Ms. Ukti Vora

The journey of Nerdy Optometrist started in 2019, very little did I know I will be celebrating a golden jubilee episode. On this special occasion, I had the privilege of doing a role reversal and reflect back on all my episodes.

Mr. Nilesh Thite, was the host for this special episode and I shared the insights about the up and downs, highs and lows of this journey. It was truly a fun episode and I hope this helps and inspires others.

I feel truly blessed and humble to have such amazing interactions with so many amazing people from around the world.

In this episode we discuss:

1️⃣ Idea and reason behind "Nerdy Optometrist"
2️⃣ Some of the most memorable moments
3️⃣ Major challenges and roadblocks
4️⃣ Tools I use to record and publish my podcasts
and much more....

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Special shout out to all my guests and sponsors for supporting my journey and believing in me.

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Music courtesy: A. R. Rahman & Bhagirath Bhatt.