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47. Women in Leadership: Dr. Charissa Lee, Dr. Maria Sampalis, Dr. Jameel Rizwana & Ms.Minh Anh Tran

With only 4% of women in leadership roles, this International Women’s Day,
I had a privilege to speak with these amazing global leaders, who have paved incredible paths for other women to follow.

In this conversation we touch upon important topics like:

1️⃣How did they choose these paths?

2️⃣What were there major challenges?

3️⃣How do they overcome their mommy guilt?

4️⃣How can we all together increase representation of women in leadership roles?

& much more...

Along with all of the learnings check out our fun "🥁This Or That game segment🥁" to learn some interesting insights.

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Author profiles:
Dr. Maria Sampalis: Founder of Corporate Optometry and Optometrist with 60k Eye Care professional connections

Dr. Carissa Lee: Head of North America Professional Affairs with Johnson & Johnson Vision

Dr. Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen: Head, Rivoli Vision Academy, Rivoli Vision, Rivoli Groups LLC, UAE

Ms. Minh Anh Tran: Lecturer at Hanoi Medical University


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