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45. Building your optometry practice with Optom. Yeshwant Saoji

Starting your optometry practice can be tough especially when people don't even know what is optometry and who optometrist are?
From educating patients about optometry , teaching in optometry schools to training the practitioners, he has done it all. In this candid conversation. Nerdy Optometrist had an opportunity to chat with Mr. Optometrist - Yeshwant Saoji.

Some of the episode highlights are:
1️⃣ How to create awareness about optometry amongst patients.
2️⃣ Importance of providing comprehensive eye exam
3️⃣ Investing in future of eye care and specialty vision care.
& much more..

Along with all of the learnings check out our fun "♨️Rapid Fire Segment♨️" to get some interesting insights.

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Music courtesy: A. R. Rahman & Bhagirath Bhatt.