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25. EyeHealth Talk with Mr. Vinod Daniel

In this India Vision Institute (IVI) special episode, I had an opportunity to have a candid conversation with Mr. Vinod Daniel. He is currently the Managing Trustee of India Vision Institute (IVI). IVI is a not-for-profit organization working to provide access to primary eye care and free glasses for children and adults in underprivileged communities across India. His work with India Vision Institute in vision screening and Optometry development is making an impact in a largely underserviced sector of primary eye health care in the country.

We touch upon various important subjects;

Impact and importance of providing accessible vision care to all
How IVI was successfully able to scale and provide the eye care services across 18 states & touched several hundred thousand lives.
Impact of IVI's various initiatives focusing on eye care awareness, continue education, leadership program and research.
We also discussed about the upcoming International virtual conference hosted by IVI on the theme of Eye Health in a Changing World from 2 to 4 October with renowned speakers and thought leaders from around the world. It will have 100+ talks, 1,100+ eye care professionals joining from 36 countries. The conference will feature an interesting mix of keynote addresses, panel discussions, parallel tracks, networking opportunities, and an online trade fair.

Register: https://ivieyehealth.com

Not to forget the "Rapid Fire" segment for some extra fun and laughter.

You can connect with him via
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