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1st Anniversary Special - Podcasters Chatter

Featuring: Defocus Media, FourEyes, The 20/20 Podcast, Corporate Optometry Nation.

What could be the better way to mark your 1st Anniversary, than to celebrate it with your colleagues, mentors and people who inspire you to do better ever single day.

In this special episode, I had a privilege to strike a conversation with
Dr. Darryl Glover Jr. and Dr. Jennifer Lyerly from Defocus Media; Dr. Harbir Sian from The 20/20 Podcast; Dr. Maria Simpalis from Corporate Optometry Nation & Dr. Deepon Kar, Dr. Amrit Bilkhu & Dr. Ravinder Randhawa from Four Eyes.

We touch upon some interesting stories behind their podcasting journey, ideas behind their name and the logo, and impact of podcasting in their personal and professional life.
Do not miss out the game segment, "Never have I ever" and "Rapid fire " where you can see the candid side of all your favorite podcasters.

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Black Eyecare Perspective and Optometrists of the black community are being intentional in our impact and on Tuesday, October 6. 2020 we will create a pipeline for students at every HBCU to not only the field of optometry, but the eyecare industry.

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