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Jan. 1, 2020

7. EyeInnovate 2019 - A closer look

7. EyeInnovate 2019 - A closer look

For the last episode of 2019, we have a special guest to wrap up the year. It is a privilege to have the CEO and Co-Founder of 4ECPs, Ms. Trudi Charest, as a guest for the podcast.

Trudi is a well known speaker, eye care business strategist and an influencer who has helped several practitioners grow their practices with her expertise. She talks about her journey and the rapid change in the field of digital marketing. We also discuss and share some snapshots about EyeInnovate 2019.

EyeInnovate is the marketing event of the year which is designed specially for the eye care practitioners. It was really fun and interesting to hear the "behind the scenes" stories.

For all those who have attended this event, it will be a treat to revisit those wonderful memories. While for those who haven't visited it yet should definitely listen to this podcast to understand why it should be on your 2020 calendar.

Connect with Trudi: 
   Website: marketing4ecps.com
   Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trudicharest/

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