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April 17, 2022

49. Amalgamation of Optometry, Learning Disabilities & Virtual Reality with Ms. Sandra Stark & Ms. Marietjie Cilliers

49. Amalgamation of Optometry, Learning Disabilities & Virtual Reality with Ms. Sandra Stark & Ms. Marietjie Cilliers

 "A learning disability with NO diagnosis is a diagnosis of NO learning disability".
Vision care is one of the most important sense that contributes to about 80% of all our learnings.  Some times only refractive error correction might not be enough to help with patient's learning disabilities.  Screening, diagnosing  and treating learning disabilities  are extremely important for overall development of any patient.  

In this conversation I had an opportunity to sit across and chat with Ms. Sandra Stark,  Founder and CEO of the STARK GRIFFIN™ DYSLEXIA ACADEMY (SGDA) and Ms, Marietjie Cilliers an optometrist from South Africa  who is passionate about holistic visual health care 
with a special interest in ocular surface disease and pathology, speciality contact lenses and dry eye management.

In this conversation we discuss, 

  1. Understand the depth and nuances of learning disabilities. 
  2.  Why as an optometrist it is important for us to learn about treating learning disabilities. 
  3. Learn how important it is to accommodate  kids with learning disabilities. 
  4. Understand the mental status of a patient  suffering from learning disabilities. 
  5. Learn how learning disabilities  can be treated for kids and adults as well. 

&much more.

Along with all of the learnings check out our fun "Game Segment" to get some interesting insights about our guests.

Guest LinkedIn profile :
Sandra Stark: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-stark-52386b6b/
Ms, Marietjie Cilliers:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marietjie-cilliers-boptom-faao-370648a5/

VisionwearX and SGDA links:

Netflix Movie to watch on learning disabilities : 

  • Taare zameen par (Like stars on earth) 
  • Rescued by ruby

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