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Sept. 29, 2019

4. Across the Border with Fakhruddin Barodawala from Malaysia

4. Across the Border with Fakhruddin Barodawala from Malaysia

Famous for its Petronas and Twin Towers, Malaysia has a lot to offer in the field of Optometry as well. In conversation with our guest Optom. Fakhruddin Barodawala, we engage in learning more about his journey from India to Malaysia.

Being passionate in academia, he is an inspiration for many eye care practitioners who wish to explore the same. As every new opportunity comes with its struggles, Optom. Fakhruddin shares some tips and tricks to help you be well prepared.

During this conversation, it is very exciting to learn how Malaysia recognizes international talent and paves new paths to help international optometrists practise independently by passing the appropriate exams.

Learn more about Optometry practice options in Malaysia from the lens of an Indian optometrist.

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