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April 19, 2021

34. Practice management with EDUTAINER Mr. Brian Tompkins

34.  Practice management with EDUTAINER  Mr. Brian Tompkins

Practicing optometry is a science, art and a passion to make a difference. In this episode  I had a pleasure to discuss the key ingredients of practice management  with Mr. Brian Tompkins, an experienced independent practitioner, past president of the BCLA and a former AOP Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year. 

Brian in his stunningly refurbished and contemporised Victorian house-practice in Northampton UK, is constantly  setting new goals and standards of providing best vision care services. He shares how building trust, offering the best patient care  and patient education has helped him even during these unprecedented times. 

Some of the episode highlights  are: 

  1. Learn how to be an EDUTAINER, an important skill to help you build a long term relationship with your patients. 
  2. Learn how investing in technology and patient education can help you build your dream practice. 
  3. Mastering your skills and constantly  upgrading your knowledge  will help you stay ahead of the game and much more.

Along with all the information, we also see the fun side of Mr. Tompkins in our "Rapid Fire" segment.

Guest Bio:

Mr. Brian Tompkins BSc Hons FC Optom FBCLA

He lectures internationally on business, imaging technology, dry eye and specialist contact lens topics, all based on real life experience in the consulting room.  Brian learnt that people retain more by being entertained while being educated and so since that time his lectures and workshops have been interactive and fun,  sometimes even hilarious, but always informative. He is maybe Optometry’s best known EDUTAINER.

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