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March 11, 2021

32. Public health services and its global impact with Dr. Jude Stern

32. Public health services and its global impact with Dr. Jude Stern

Public health services and organizations associated with them are known to make global impact but do we really understand it contribution?
Listen to this episode with Dr. Jude Stern, Head of Knowledge Management at the International  Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) as she shares her journey  from being an optometrist at a private clinic to contributing at a global level.

Some of the episode highlights are: 

  1. Getting a deeper understanding of the work at IAPB
  2. Understanding how organizations like IAPB work closely with World Health Organization and United Nation to make important  vision related decisions . 
  3. Understanding the gaps and areas we need to focus as a community to fight against avoidable  blindness. 
  4. Learn how you as an optometrist can contribute and make a difference at every level
    & much more.
Along with all the public health related information, we also see the fun side of Dr. Stern in our "Rapid Fire" segment.

Guest Bio: 
Jude is a global educator and knowledge broker with extensive experience working at the intersection of global eye health and international development. She works collaboratively with a diverse range of IAPB members and partners facilitating shared knowledge, building collaboration and a shared sense of purpose. At IAPB Jude is responsible for the delivery of the Vision Atlas - a global mapping of vision and eye care needs, learning programs such as the COVID-19 & Eye Health Web Series, Focus On and the Global Assembly and facilitating the exchange of knowledge as the sector works towards integrated centred eye care and universal health coverage.  

Jude is  a committee member (public health) of the World Council of Optometry (WCO), a steering committee member for the Sector skills update project at the Research for Development Impact Network (RDI), a steering committee member for RAAB 7, editorial committee for the Community Eye Health Journal (CEHJ) and on the DR Barometer committee.

Prior to working at IAPB, Jude’s work centered on human resource development to meet the global need for refractive error services. She directed the development & delivery of Brien Holden Vision Institute’s Academy education programs for nearly 20 years including global programs. Research experience includes accessible vision care delivery, the development of optometry, designing learning for impact and clinical contact lens trials.  Jude is an optometrist and holds a Graduate Certificate in public health. 

With a special interest in developing leadership skills in the eye health sector, myopia management, and gender equity, she is an advocate for equitable access to eye care for all and the potential for good vision to unlock human potential.

You can connect with Jude and learn more about IAPB via
Email: Jjstern@iapb.org

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