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Jan. 6, 2021

31. Stigma around wearing glasses with Kristan Gross and Andrea Kirsten-Coleman

31. Stigma around wearing glasses with Kristan Gross and Andrea Kirsten-Coleman

If you think getting access to vision care and glasses is the major issue surrounding uncorrected vision care, it’s time to think again.
In this episode, I had an opportunity to chat with Kristan Gross and  Andrea Kirsten-Coleman from the Vision Impact Institute about their recent campaigns focusing on stigmas around wearing glasses and lack of awareness.

Some of the episode highlights are: 

  1. Various stigmas around wearing glasses based on gender and   culture. 
  2. Vision and mission of the Vision Impact Institute. 
  3. Learn about the research and stats around the impact of uncorrected vision and stigmas around wearing glasses that affect individual growth and economy of the country. 
  4.  Learn how eye care professionals can become role models and have a direct impact towards creating awareness & much more. 

Along with all the technical and statistical information, we also see the fun side of Kristan and Andrea in our "Rapid Fire" segment.

Guest Bio:

Kristan Gross is an expert in elevating cause-related initiatives on a global and regional scale. As the  Global Executive Director for the Vision Impact Institute she leads a global team of experts to curate and commission evidence-based research to drive awareness about the impact of uncorrected vision and advocate for healthy vision as a global priority.

Prior to taking this position, Kristan served as Global Director of Content and Communications. She is an expert storyteller and has acted as the voice of the organization in front of global audiences, including the Chinese and Indian governments, US lawmakers, and organizational executives

She was listed in Jobson’s 2014 Most Influential Women in Optical in the Innovation category and has received countless accolades and awards, including a Golden World AWARD FOR Excellence from the International Public Relations Association, the Mercury Excellence Award from Mercomm Inc., and the 2018 Mentor of the Year Award form Women of Vision Influence (WOVI).


Andrea Kirsten-Coleman is a global communications professional with expertise working in organizations that are improving health and the lives of women and girls. She is the Global Communications and Awareness Manager for the Vision Impact Institute, where she is responsible for telling the story and creating awareness of the work of the organization.

Andrea brings significant global communications expertise to the role. She has worked at for-profit organizations such as Mary Kay Inc. and for nonprofits, such as the George W. Bush Institute. Her experience working with teams in Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America, along with her upbringing in South Africa, allows her to bring a global perspective and cultural appreciation to her work.

She is a past board member of the Dallas Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators and has received a Quill Award of Excellence and a Volunteer of the Year Award from the organization. 

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