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Dec. 23, 2020

30. Reset your mindset with Mr. Aditya Goyal

30. Reset your mindset with Mr. Aditya Goyal

In this episode I had an opportunity to interview, Mr. Aditya Goyal and  we dive deep into important concepts surrounding how to think and reset our mind to develop deep learning processes instead of superficial knowledge. 

Some of the episode highlights are: 

  1. Importance of challenging the concepts for deeper learning and asking more questions around "Why" it happens or exists? 
  2. Difference between learning a subject Vs concepts
  3.  Importance of understanding the basics and core idea behind every action 
  4. Teaching should be a dialogue not a monologue

and much more....

Along with all the technical/clinical information we also see the fun side of  Mr. Goyal  in our "Rapid Fire" segment.

Guest Bio:
Mr. Aditya Goyal, presently is the principal of Sankara college of optometry, Bangalore and also an adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania college of optometry, Salus University, USA.
Being interested in optometric education, he serves as President on the board of ASCO, India. He is a member of the task force created by Government of India to work on standardizing the curriculum and practice of optometry in India. This aims at legislating the profession and creating a board to govern the practice of optometry in India.
Mr. Aditya Goyal is a faculty for a number of colleges across India and lectures widely on topics related to vision therapy, neuro vision, perception, behavioral and developmental optometry, pediatric optometry and low vision rehabilitation.

You can connect with him via:
Email:  adityagoyal@hotmail.com

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