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Sept. 23, 2019

3. Across the Border with Chirag Gajjar from Italy

3. Across the Border with Chirag Gajjar from Italy

While pursuing your dreams can be overwhelming, the end result is always magical. In this episode of 'Across the Border' series, Optometrist Chirag Gajjar shares his interesting journey from being a successful optometrist to the struggles he faced before becoming an eyewear designer. Chirag discusses various aspects of this career option including benefits of optometry education, career opportunities, limitations and monetary returns. His journey truly inspires all the artistic optometrists to explore this new career opportunity.
For information on eyewear designing program, please visit the Italian institute "Certottica Area Formanzione" at:


You can also contact Chirag Gajjar via email at vkvisioncare@gmail.com or on LinkedIn @ 'Chirag Gajjar'.

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