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Dec. 3, 2020

29. Closer look at IOA2020 3D conference with Dr. Rajeev Prasad

29. Closer look at IOA2020 3D conference with Dr. Rajeev Prasad

In this IOA2020 special episode I had an opportunity to chat with Dr. Rajeev Prasad; Secretary General of Indian Optometric Association

Being a founder and organizing member of several optometry association, Dr. Rajeev prasad along with his team is bringing the first of its kind 3D Virtual conference to make the most of the current situation.

In this episode we discussed about; 

  • How did the idea of 3D virtual conference conceptualize.
  • How the 3D conference will be able to provide more of a real conference experience.
  • Networking Lounge, Eye chat along with some amazing sessions that will be available even post event is surely something you do not want to miss. 

and much more,

Thank you to the entire team of IOA for all their efforts.

To register visit: https://www.ioa2020.com/

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