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Sept. 9, 2020

22. Building your unique brand with OB Malope

22. Building your unique brand with OB Malope

Are you trying to build your unique brand as an individual or a company?  Do you already have a brand and are trying to find ways to grow it? If your answer is yes, this is the podcast just for your. 

In this episode, I had a privilege to chat and learn from an industry leader OB Malope. OB is an award winning young dynamic leader who has championed and pioneered various innovative products and solutions that have significantly influenced the way in which Optometrists run their businesses. 

OB has established a business management and service consulting company called Visionstryt as well as an academy program. 

As a Training & Development Consultant he has represented at various Eyecare Conferences globally on business related topics and has contributed immensely to the Eyecare Industry through the publication of 4 books. He is co-founder of Eyefrica Media, a digital eyecare media platform that serves as a gateway to eyecare on the African continent. 

In this chat we touch upon various important topics like: 

  • Importance to have your own unique brand/ identity as an individual as well as a company.
  • Things to remember when building a brand. 
  • Common mistakes which one can avoid during their journey of building a brand.
  •  Ways to stay relevant. 

And much more... 

Not to forget the "Rapid Fire" segment for some extra fun and laughter.

You can connect with him via
LinkedIn: OB Malope
Webiste :
Academy: www.visionstrytacademy.co.za

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