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July 4, 2020

19. Busting myths in public health with Optom. Sweta Patel

19. Busting myths in public health with Optom. Sweta Patel

Currently working as Senior Manager at Mission for Vision - Non Profit Organisation working towards eradication of blindness, Optom. Sweta Patel is responsible for community eye service delivery projects.

Her passion to help people see better has guided her 13 years of career towards myriad of optometry domains like Professional Services, Clinical Optometry, Academics, Public Health and Research while upholding an excellent execution and leadership record in organization like Bausch and Lomb (2015-2018), Johnson and Johnson Vision care (2012-2015), and Lotus College of Optometry (2007-2011).

In this episode we discuss about how she has been able to successfully transitions between various roles in optometry and excel in each. We also dive deep in the myths and facts about working in public health or non-profit sector. With detailed examples she shares how public health is much beyond epidemiology and eye camps.

Do listen till then end for a fun "Rapid Fire" segment where she gets candid and spills the beans.

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