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June 14, 2020

18. Empowering women with Dr. Maria Sampalis

18. Empowering women with Dr. Maria Sampalis

"Nothing is impossible to a determined women"

An inspiring story of Dr. Maria Sampalis who was able to create a wavy in corporate optometry by providing a platform and voice to all the optometrist in USA.

Dr. Maria Sampalis graduated from New England College of Optometry and was named Young OD of the Year by the Rhode Island Optometric Association in 2016. 2019 Vision Monday most influential woman in Optical.

Being the founder of the famous Corporate Optometry Facebook group with 28,000+ members, she shares how going against the tide can be difficult and you might face a lot of criticism but determination, changing failure to success and always looking for opportunities will help you overcome any challenges.

Being a mother of two, she talks about the importance of work life balance and shares some amazing take away messages for all.

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