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March 23, 2020

12. Empowering Women with Ms. Lakshmi Shinde

12. Empowering Women with Ms. Lakshmi Shinde

Being a Director of education for IACLE, CEO of Optometry Council of India, practicing specialty contact lenses and a mother of twin boys, she shares her life mantra that has helped her achieve all the goals in her life.

In this fun conversation, I had a chance to take a closer look into the optometry life of Ms. Lakshmi Shinde. Starting her journey in 1991, we talked about various topics where she shares some fun and behind the scene stories about her life at Elite school of Optometry, working at LVEPI and how formation of various organizations like IOF, ASCO and OCI have contributed in uplifting the standards  of optometric education and practice.

Learn how organizations like IACLE and BHVI have contributed in providing resources to achieve this goal. She shares how a team of dedicated and like-minded people coming  together for the same cause can really make anything possible.

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To learn more about Optometry Council of India at : optometrycouncilofindia.org

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