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Sept. 20, 2019

1. Across the Border with Dr. Stuti Misra from New Zealand

1. Across the Border with Dr. Stuti Misra from New Zealand

In this fun chat with Optom. Ukti Vora, Dr Stuti Misra discusses her journey from undergrad to doctoral degree to working in academia in New Zealand. Stuti aims to guide optometry students (based in India or elsewhere) interested in studying overseas, doing eye research or simply interested in practicing optometry on distant shores. With a constant intent of taking an unconventional path, Stuti describes how she ended up in Optometry let alone in the land of ‘Lord of the rings’ better known as ‘middle-earth’. She believes one doesn’t need to be clever or smart but primarily STUBBORN to undertake doctoral degree. Stuti also briefly mentions about her passion for research and interest areas of ocular surface diseases, dry eye and diabetes.’

For more information on practicing optometry in New Zealand or Australia, please visit www.ocanz.org

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Email:  s.misra@auckland.ac.nz
Twitter:  @DrStutiMisra

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