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28. Changing trends in eyecare media with Mr. Madhur Gupta

November 30, 2020 Madhur Gupta Season 1 Episode 28
Nerdy Optometrist
28. Changing trends in eyecare media with Mr. Madhur Gupta
Show Notes

Media has seen a tremendous evolution in the past decade. In this rapidly changing landscape its important to learn more about how the eye care media is changing and how a media houses are working in various fronts to ensure an overall development and growth of the industry. 

In this episode, I had a privileged to interview Mr. Madhur Gupta, an entrepreneur with a working background in a reputed media house and currently an accidental editor of the top ranking magazine in India, "Optician India Magazine"  and a curator of major eye wear exhibition in India called the International Optics fair. 

In this conversation, we dive deep into some important highlighting points like; 

  • His journey in the eye care industry
  • Some success stories about how the changing media has impacted the industry overall and the level of its outreach. 
  • Major roadblocks which we need to work together on as an industry. 
  • How listening, learning and adapting with time can prepare you for a better future. 

Not to forget the fun rapid fire segment which had lots of laughter and the final take away message.

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